Carolyn Evers’ son Shawn, died suddenly in an automobile crash. The grieving process was very deep as it seemed the relationship between the two was more than mother and son.  They were good friends.  The tragedy tested all the teachings of her faith and the mother wanted to be assured that her son survived.

Early in the grieving process, there were times when Shawn seemed very close.  Carolyn thought she could hear him whispering to her, “Do not cry, Mom.”  But looking at the moments in retrospect, she felt she had to have imagined the words and the feelings.

There were coincidences in her life when Carolyn felt that her son had helped her in some fashion. It wasn’t long when Carolyn started dreaming very vivid dreams of Shawn and the dreams seem to assure her that he was happy. Unusual things started to happen in the household such as flickering lights and items falling off shelves for no known reason.

A friend came to dinner during this time.  Unbeknownst to Carolyn, this friend had a gift of being able to see into the next dimension and speak to the deceased. The friend confirmed that not only was Shawn present, but he revealed facts to the friend that she would have no way of knowing on her own.  Carolyn then believed that Shawn not only survived his death, but was indeed present in her home.

Under Grace describes the events as the son Shawn explains that they had made an arrangement before they were born that they would work with each other; one on earth and one on the other side. The purpose was that information would be brought forth that was needed.

Shawn claimed that he was reading from earth records that some call Akashic records, and Carolyn started recording the messages. These messages were vivid descriptions of God creating souls, star formations and gateways to other worlds, scientific information such as descriptions of the workings of plate tectonics.

With the information in hand that Shawn had given her, Carolyn went to the library to research the scientific parts that could be found for confirmation.  The answers were so readily available.  Carolyn marveled as some of the videos and books literally fell off the shelves at her feet as if an unseen hand was pointing the way towards the truth of the words.

For a period of over twenty years information had been accumulated, but held in reserve as the time was not right for it to be revealed.  Now is the time. 

There is an interesting method in the book whereby two people of like minds can work together and get information from their higher minds that can assist in their spiritual development. Also mentioned is a method of how the Templars used a meditation to read the Akashic records.

The book is not in print yet, but can be obtained from the web site

in a download form to be read on the computer.