My Mission

  1. If I could leave you with only one message, let it be that if you have lost a friend or family member, be assured that they have survived the transition we call death. From my experience with my son who has crossed over the line that we call the living, I have found that the ties of love are never broken. Through my experience I have found that my son has never left me.  The chances are that the one you love is probably nearby helping you in some manner that perhaps you are not aware.  I do believe we are eternal and a part of God. 
  2. My past experiences with my son and my own personal memories lead me to believe that we have lived other lifetimes before this one.  This has great implications for our spiritual growth because our soul experiences stretch back into antiquity.  Our soul carries the imprint of the results of our victories and defeats of these past challenges.  We are being called upon now to heal all the pain from the past.  My son in spirit and myself on earth, cooperate with one another to bring this information now because of a gigantic leap in development that presents itself for humanity.  He reads the records of earth and relays the information to me and I record them.
  3. I am acting as the scribe for a soul family that works with Jesus and the Ascended Masters for the spiritual advancement of humankind.  They are announcing that there is a tear forming in the fabric of the energy body that surrounds the earth and this will cause a division between those who stand in unconditional love and compassion, and those who live by domination and control. This age is about choices.  We cannot make a choice unless we understand that we are at this crossroad. These Masters will keep us apprised of the energy changes as they are brought down to earth.
  4. What these changes and advancements are leading up to is our ability to remember from whence we came.  When our souls were created we left our heavenly home and we forgot who we were.  There are channels that we will again access so we can remember our journey and our God. I am simply acting as the messenger to bring forth the information.
  5. I have also assisted in bringing down energy from the cosmos to the grid system on earth.