Carolyn Evers

I am a mother of five children, and now a grandmother for twelve grandchildren.  I was born in 1937.  Things then were different.  Life was slower and families, along with the entire community, seemed closer.  People had time for one another.

When my children were young, I believed I should be home taking care of them. I thought they needed me as a stabilizing force in their lives, and I devoted my life to my family.

Before the children came, I held responsible jobs working for Insurance Companies, and also was successful in the selling profession part time. After my children became school age and their need for me was less, I decided to go back to work.  Ultimately, I became securities licensed and obtained the designation of Certified Estate Planner, and currently am in the process of earning another designation of Certified Senior Advisor.

I have had a satisfying career serving people for over twenty-five years giving investment advice and helping them plan for their financial future.  I would consider this a very stable, honorable, and responsible profession and have made many friends along the way.

A turning point in my life came when my son died in a tragic automobile accident when he was sixteen years old.  It was one of the most difficult times in my life.  It took a lot of adjustment to go on and face life again, much less trying to take care of my family and my career.

Several years after my son's death, I started communicating with him.  I could hear his voice as if he were transferring his thoughts to me. It was like conversing with an old friend, as his personality seemed the same to me along with his humor.

This didn’t happen suddenly, but rather gradually.  I was slowly being prepared for a role that my son and I had come into the world to do, and that was to bring information from the world of spirit for this time of our history.

My son told me that before we entered this lifetime, we made the decision that one would be on each side of what we call life and death, and would bring information to the other.  He also said we were trusted friends and had done this many times before.

There are records of all the events that have happened on Earth.  He would go to these records and give me the information so I could write stories about our history of being human.

His stories begin at the beginning when we were created, follow us as we become a part of this planet Earth, and point out our next step of development based upon our planned journey.  He also talks about our struggle as a people between the forces of light and dark.

I would call my son my ‘guide’, as he is with me all the time, but mostly when I travel.  He holds a doorway open for me to the past, so I am able to get information from the places I visit.

Now there seems to be another doorway opening and that governs a stream of time directly to individuals from the past.  I am able to hear their stories, feel their emotions and understand their struggles.  As in the case of Julius Caesar, he confides to us in his own words his evaluation of his lifetime as Caesar from the point of view of the spiritual aspects of his mission, and spiritual laws pertaining to all life.

I believe that Conversations With Caesar brings us an important first hand story and observation of what it is like to plan a mission before coming to earth, how the plan can fail, and even after death how the individual must change the results of their deeds while they lived on earth.  I have found through this experience, that to advance on the other side means that there must be a healing of all parties involved with that lifetime.

What I learned from Caesar is that love and compassion is most important in the world of spirit.  He indicates that it is not so much what one accomplished in this lifetime, but rather what our intent was and if we tried to follow our mission or pre-birth plans that we made before coming into this lifetime.

This skill that I have developed is not really as unusual as it may seem. I learned something that I think is very interesting. We don't really hear with our ears, but rather a place in our brain. The ear contains receptors, which transform sound waves into nerve impulses that can be interpreted as sounds by the brain.

It appears to me that all life seems to be levels of vibration.  I believe my son still exists on a level of vibration different from mine.  Hearing him speak to me doesn’t seem strange, but quite natural now.  I am being told that this skill will be learned by others also as the levels of vibration are changing between our world and the world of spirit.

My skills are still developing.  I am remembering more and more of my past lifetimes. I am finding from these memories, that there seems to be a thread running between them.  As I learn more about my past strengths and weaknesses, I discover a growing understanding of my relationship between myself and my creator and how I developed that relationship through my many lifetimes. As I relive some of the events of those past lifetimes, I am able to speak to those individuals that I was in my past and more books will come from those experiences and knowledge.